Monday, May 5, 2008

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and memories!

I want to personally thank everyone that has made my birthday a special one...This is probably one of my favorites...I can honestly say that I have some TRUE and GOOD friends....
It all started with waking up at 5 to go to the gym....Bikini Bootcamp is over today so we have the final weigh-in....Toby made sure he woke up to wish me Happy Birthday....Then the kids woke up and Kaitlyn and Caden actually wished me Happy birthday and asked "Where's your cake? I want some..." Then I went to the blogs friend Donna...wished me a Happy B-day on her blog...then my friend from Wheeler and her daughter called and sang to me on the answering mom has been giving me birthday gifts for the past know how that is....then a group of friends got together to have lunch was great...thanks Sharon, Amy, and Marci for the special lunch...and I want to thanks Ashley for the beautiful candle and Amy and McKenna for the cute little purse..too sweet...and I truly loved the shout out on my friend's Charla's was nice...I will have to steal that idea for someone's next b-day...also thanks to Trey and Donna for the nice comments they made on her blog...Also a good BLOG friend Dawn made a special shout out on my blog....and last but not wonderful husband got me a hour massage from Denise and my favorite cake....RED VELVET...he actually does listen and pay attention to me....THANK TO EVERYONE for making my birthday
LOVE YOU ALL so much...steph


Anonymous said...

You SOOO deserve the best birthday!!!
We love you girlie!!!

Helen Keller said...

hope you had a good one! sounds like it! happy birthday, to you!

allie nelson said...

glad you had such a special and happy birthday!!!

you are LOVED!