Thursday, October 18, 2007


I want to first wish the love of my life a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We really didn't do much but I think today was special. Some of the students and teachers presented him a birthday cake. He was surprised. And then at the PRIDE PROGRAM the whole student body sang him Happy Birthday.....led by Coach Rhodes. He sure has a great rendition..... For once, we (the whole family) got to go eat LUNCH together. We went to United, and had a great time. When he got home we had PIZZA and cinnamon sticks. We got to put candles on the cinnamon sticks. The kids helped him blow out the candles. We went to feed the ducks and then took the kids to the playground. It was a great day at the Tucker house.

Toby did make a great slideshow of the PRIDE program. Go to and check it out. It was one of the best. The seniors were so loud and I think they had a blast. Also, he brought some of the peers in the community down to compete in one of the contests. IT WAS GREAT. Thank you TREY....and everyone else. You sure made a difference. It was AWESOME. Toby and I both appreciate the community for their support not only for the PRIDE program, but also for the school and students.

Off the subject of birthday........... I am been cleaning like a mad woman. Don't ask me would think I was pregnant and going through the nesting phase.... I AM NOT.... but I cleaned out closets, drawers, and every cabinet. SCARY... but I sure feel better. Don't get me to house isn't really clean.... it is just better organized.

I really didn't get to TOTALLY relax on my day off... but atleast I feel like I got something accomplished.

I do have some bad news though. We just found out that our gas line to our house as a small little we have to get it fixed. THERE GOES TRYING TO SAVE MONEY....and CHRISTMAS. We did find out it is not going to cost as much as we think. But the plumber couldn't promise he was going to have to dig up our backyard.. That will really make me upset...because I know the work I have put into the yard...and money.... Oh well...I guess that is why you should always be prepared.



I was worn out running around the gym hunting cell phones and black socks.

I've got to start running again on a regular basis. I'm so sore.

Stephanie said...

I am really glad that y'all got to compete with the kids. That made it really special. THANKS again for all your support.