Monday, December 31, 2007

Toby's Huntin' Trip with KP

Toby went huntin' in Wheeler with his assistant principal Kirkpatrick (KP) on the last day of 2007. KP got his 2nd turkey and Toby's first 10 point off the lease in Wheeler. They were both excited about their hunt and they even made a humorous video to document the occasion. (I am posting this to make my husband happy....sorry for the gross pictures ... haha)


Anonymous said...

Those two with Guns....I'm sure there is a law against that!

Stephanie said...

I agree. I was really scared when he said they were both going TOGETHER. But they had an AWESOME time and both will remember it for a long time. And yes....they lived to tell the stories to others. I know you will have to hear about it when you get back to school...haha