Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New and Healthy treats and eats that I want to share!

Many of you might know....I have recently had a baby, Toby lost 40 lbs, and we as a family have changed our eating habits. Here are some tricks and TREATS that we have used to help us become more healthy.

1. JELLO - fat free pudding - banana fudge - it is only 60 calories and is delicious (and yes, I found this out before they announced it on Biggest Loser) You can only find this at Walmart here is Childress, not UNITED yet.

2. ZONE bars - We eat a ZONE bar for breakfast. This has really saved TOBY. We eat these during the weekdays and then maybe enjoy a breakfast on the weekends.

3. Ezekiel bread - It is a great bread. As I have told many of you.....FLOUR is your enemy....but I love bread for sandwiches. (this is ONLY at United in the freezer section)

4. 2% Milk Cheese - This is my saving grace. You can still have cheese but why not take away some of the calories and fat without taking away the taste and melt.

5. Nature's Path Organic Hot Oatmeal Flax Plus - THIS IS MY FAVORITE. I also put in fresh and/or frozen blueberries and it is great.

6. Airborne PIXIE STICKS - they are awesome for kids and adults..

7. Pampered Chef Aerosol Oil Sprayer - you put in your own oil and then you manually pump it.....instead of PAM.

8. Floss Sticks - Who likes to floss? But it is so good for you.... I found these and it makes it easy and convenient.

9. Pledge Multi-Surface - I know that this isn't food....but it sure makes my life easier. I love it. Be Careful using it on some surfaces though...

10. I got my Christmas present early. Many of you might know of MONICA SMART and her company Joye-ful. She can do anything. It is using Sticker can put it on the wall, tiles, or anything. I will show pictures soon. You can put inspirational quotes on the wall. They make my day....I love them. CLICK ON the SMART family link on my blog to see her website. She can do anything that you want. It is awesome. And great present ideas.

11. Turkey bacon, Turkey PEPPERONI.......and Turkey Sausage....It still tastes great but doesn't have all that grease and unwanted fat.....THE PEPPERONI is the one that made me the has 70% less fat than usual pepperoni.

My last a final - ORGANIC apples.....they are so good for you....and so good....also...I use my Pampered Chef apple slicer almost everyday. Check it out.... ( i have only found the organic apples at Walmart here in town)

And another last hint.....the gym.....come and check out our new machines....and all the fun that you will have at the will sure make you feel better.

What are some of your favorite things? Or is there anything that you use daily that makes your life easier? We all need to make our lifes easier so we can spend more time with our families and doing things that we love.


SAL said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your children are adorable, and love the blog design! Sharalyn is sister to one of my very bestest friends. I'd be blessed to have you as a Homemade Gourmet customer and from my website you can just easily order and have it sent right to you! Right now there are some great deals---15% off of ALL desserts and for the 12 days of December there are new freebies each day!

Nice to meet you and Merry Christmas!

Sharon said...

I don't get the aerosol thing. Why is PAM bad for you?

Love the list - I only buy ground turkey now and always use 2% cheese. I'll try the other things too!

a cowgirl at heart said...

We do so many of these things, too! We don't eat anything but Turkey bacon, only wheat bread, and I use wheat flour when I bake. I also use only the wheat Bisquick. I have heard about the Ezekiel bread but didn't think we could find it here in glad you clued me into that one! Anyway, we've been eating ZONE bars for over 6 years and I'm with Toby; they have saved me! They are a quick way to get an extra "meal" in during the day. My favorite would have to be the Chocolate Coconut Crunch. My favorite snack of all is a pink lady or braeburn apple, sliced and served with lean sliced deli turkey and sliced Mozzarella or Monterey Jack cheese. The mix is SO GOOD! And it fills you up, which is even better! Oh, and we don't buy anything but 97% fat free hamburger meat. Lastly, our favorite dessert is Sweet Freedom crunch bars. They are sugar free and taste great! We also eat a lot of yogurt because it is low in calories and has tons of calcium! Thanks for sharing your snack ideas and I love your weight loss ticker. Gonna have to add that to my blog, too!

a cowgirl at heart said...

Oh, one more thing is I either use egg substitute or egg whites. I actually prefer just the whites, but Rich likes a little yellow in his so I mix in substitute. We use Valentina's hot sauce and it is AWESOME!!!

Monica said...

Hey, I am behind on my blog reading and was absorbing all of your healthy eating tips when I stumbled upon my name. Thanks for the "business plug" for me. Just thought that I should put my joye-ful designs website link since it is not on my mommysmart blog. Hope that you are more ready for Christmas than me. We hope to see you guys sometime during the holidays.