Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update from the Tucker household

Kaitlyn and Caden at Ms. Angie's Thanksgiving Feast.
Colton also enjoyed his first feast....It was green beans. A FEAST for him. He loved it.

Kaitlyn and Caden really enjoyed helping put up the Christmas this year. This year they were really a help...

Kaitlyn, Caden, and Toby playing at the Cake Walk.

Caden TOTALLY enjoying his cotton candy. Let's just say they had a great time at the Festival at the park.

Kaitlyn and Caden showing off their new park bench that Granna and Pa gave them for Christmas. Granna and Pa were thinking....3 kids and everything else in that car would have been tight...they love it
More great memories....Some one reminded me today.....I am going to miss these days. And the only way to remember them is through pictures....and he is right....


Amanda KP said...

your kids are adorable!!!!

Marci said...

Great pics!! Great memories too!