Thursday, November 1, 2007


We had a busy busy last couple of days. It all started on Saturday when Kaitlyn and I went to our first Halloween costume Birthday party. They painted pumpkins, played games, and even got to ride a DONKEY. Toby and Caden went to Wheeler to do some work on the deer lease. You know that deer season is about to begin..(I am so excited, NOT) Then later that day we went to Christmas at the Park Banquet and sat at the Rabe's table. It was lots of fun. THEN IT WAS REALLY TIME TO PARTY. We went to our ADULT halloween party. We had lots of fun. Then Sunday, Toby left for Austin for a couple of days. I can't gripe too much...Toby was supposed to leave on it could have been worse. Monday, we had Kaitlyn's Halloween Party at Ms. Angie's. I took a double decker chocolate chip cookie cake... It was unbelievable. But I had to give most of it away..or I would have eaten it all. Then that night Kaitlyn had Halloween at Ms. Kim's. All the kids took some candy and then did tricks to get a piece of candy. I have never seen so much candy...I don't know why we needed to go trick - or - treatin... The kids got to go visit the Wyatt's while I went to my women's council meeting. They were totally excited.
On Tuesday we had Kaitlyn's party at Ms. Carol's. It was alot of fun. Then Halloween came. We went downtown in Childress and went to all the downtown businesses. It is really a neat thing. I am just glad that Toby was back to help..atleast some. He had to go visit someone at the funeral he left us and left us without any keys....I was not a happy camper. Kaitlyn was freezin. But it worked out...We came home and ate PIZZA and then went to the Wyatt's house. They loved their presents. Sometimes I wonder....what is the biggest holiday. It seemed like Christmas at the Tucker's house.
I have sorted my candy and it is on its way to the gym. I have to keep business going you know..haha
Happy Halloween from the Tuckers

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Amy's Gang said...

Such cute pictures. Maybe it will slow down a little around here for a couple of weeks!! Glad your hubs is back!