Friday, November 14, 2008

Dream on....

every day....I WOULD LIKE TO.....
be healthy
be positive
be a great wife
be a great mom
be a better person/Christian
cook a meal and sit down with the entire family
take better care of my skin

every week....I WOULD LIKE TO.....
have a date with my husband
go to church with my family
have my house clean
get a nap
call a friend

in THREE months....I WOULD LIKE TO.....
lost some weight
go on a trip with my husband
start cooking more and eating better...change my eating habits
paint my house
have my home repairs completed
stop biting my nails

in the next year....I WOULD LIKE TO.....
get healthier
get more organized
work more on our debt
don't take for granted of my life
go on a trip with my mom and/or friends

in 3 to 5 years....I WOULD LIKE TO.....
have more gyms
keep in better shape
be more self accepting
grow stronger in my marriage
have my dream car - Mid-life Crisis car...haha

before I die....I WOULD LIKE TO.....
go to Ireland
go to New York
sky dive
go to Disney World with my family
serve in a Soup Kitchen
see my kids grow and have grandkids
drive a race least ride in one

What are your dreams and goals for the Future....?
It makes you think...and possibly holds you accountable....because it is in writing.....


Stephanie said...

Those are some great goals. What a great idea to write them down.

Amanda KP said...

i love your goals!! there is something about writing them down that makes them more concrete!! i am almost scared to write them down...erik is good about doing this and he accomplishes them that way!! guess i need to try it...maybe!! ;)

Marci said...

great idea!! I think that is why I am afraid to write them down, it will make me accountable. Kind of like new year's resolutions-i never write those down! Loved your post!

Marci said...

p.s. I will go sky diving with you!!

Stephanie said...

marci.....let's go....we should go for our big 3-0....I don't know if Toby would let me go with Colton being so know...just in cause....steph