Thursday, August 21, 2008

13 Random Thoughts

I will take the plung and follow everyone....(Toby don't get the big head)

1 - Thank you Colton for the nap....that makes up for no sleep last night.
2 - I need to clean up the table from dinner
3 - I need to go run or something to get rid of those donut(S) that I just ate
4 - What's for dinner
5 - Can't wait until mom and dad get back
6 - I am ready for the weekend - family time
7 - I need to go to the gym and change out lights
8 - what are we going to do next weekend for labor day?
9 - I need to fold laundry
10 - I am really enjoying being a mother of 3
11 - I am ready to go shopping for new clothes....I have to lose all the weight by hopefully THANKSGIVING...
12 - I am dreading getting on the scale for the first time since baby Colton was born
13 - I enjoyed seeing everyone at the schools is nice to see the friendly faces. I am just glad that it is not me...and that I am not having to send Kaitlyn this year. I need another year to prepare for that....

Hope everyone else's list is just as BORING...haha...


allie nelson said...

girl! relax you look GREAT!!!!

Helen Keller said...
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a cowgirl at heart said...

Steph-I will be your workout partner for sure! I'm not kidding. I've wanted someone to work out with for a long time! I really want to start running to be ready for the 5K in November! Interested?

Francesca said...

forget the laundry and just hold that baby :)