Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Joys and Trials of a mom

There is nothing more rewarding than being a mom...but there is not a harder job....When I first started wanting my third...I thought it wouldn't change a thing...boy was I wrong...Colton is a great baby...luckily...but is just takes more time to get them ready...baths...feed...put to bed...and everything else...I can't imagine what it is going to be like when I actually have to have them ready by 8 and at preschool....HOLY COW...but I better get ready...that starts next week...


  • having the kids say " I LOVE YOU MOM"

  • laughter

  • buying clothes ( I know that sounds stupid) but that is SO MUCH FUN

  • making them smile

  • saying prayers

  • playing around with them

  • getting involved with school and other activities

  • seeing your parents go nuts over their grandkids

  • family vacations

  • reading and snuggling with the kiddos


  • NO SLEEP - (I am working on 4 hours today) Colton decided he wanted to be held and talk all last night

  • potty training

  • stress on you and all your relationships

  • fighting between kids

  • making your kids act correct

  • laundry (I guess I should thinking about buying clothes)

  • the weight that is gained and the body changes...

Don't get me wrong...there is nothing better than being a mom...but it is a hard job...Thank goodness for a husband that helps, a mother willing to do anything that I need, and friends that listen to me.... Thank you Amy...I really needed TODAY.....

I love kids...especially mine...

THANK YOU to my mom... and to ALL THE MOMS out there.



Amanda KP said...

I love your new background and really enjoyed reading this!! you are so right...toughest job in the world...but definitely the MOST rewarding!!!!!!!
let us take your kids again sometime!!!! we love when they come over!!

Marci said...

By far the most rewarding thing I could ever is hard, but would not trade my life for the world!! Loved hearing what some of your challenges and rewards are...see you tonight!!

Dawn Jenkins said...

I love your new backgroud too. I DITTO each one of your trials. It is the hardest job in the world to be a good mom, but the one of the most rewarding. I guess that is a ditto to Amanda's comment. The kids are too cute, and you look great. Don't worry the weight will come off...Ronnie and I are starting the Fall Slim Down as well. Biggest loser starts the 16th. I wish we could do a biggest loser club on line some how. I need all the motivation I can get!