Sunday, August 17, 2008

Colton's Baptism Weekend

The kids were so excited that Granna and Pa were coming in to see us they couldn't settle down to take a nap...COLTON didn't have trouble...
Pa sure loves those babies...
Granna and Kaitlyn reading the book that Granna bought her. She loves it. It is really cool. It is made of felt so that she can change the story.
Mommy was trying really hard to get a sweet picture of all the kids for the birth announcement. Can you say.....that is really hard...
I love these kids....
We had a great weekend. And what a weekend it was......

Saturday started out with Kaitlyn's cheerleading at the scrimmage.

You can hear her.. I wonder where she got that.


Then we all traveled to Groom for Colton's Baptism.

Toby's sister Debbie, husband Mack "Skinner" and their daughter Allison

along with Granna and Pa all packed into the cars to head to the church.

The baptism went GREAT...


Toby, Colton, me, and Cassie at the start of the baptism. Cassie, my cousin, was the godmother.

The godparents Cassie and Lance (my brother) along with Toby and I getting Colton's blessing.

Father Raj giving Colton's is baptismal blessing....and DUNK...
Below - Toby, Cassie, Father Raj, Lance, and me after the baptism.
THANKS TO CASSIE AND LANCE for being a big part of this day.

Above - The entire Ollinger clan that made it to the baptism. The rest met us at Gramz and Grandad's house to lots of food and fun. ALSO, sweet little GRANDMA came to be a part of the day.
BELOW - The whole TUCKER gang that made it to baptism.
Pa and Granna along with our entire family. Granna made Colton's baptism garment.

My brothers, mom and dad, Grandma along with my family.

THANKS TO MOM and DAD (Gramz and Grandad) for cooking, planning, and cleaning up for our big party after the baptism. We had about 50 people that came to eat and meet Colton for the first time. We love getting together. There is nothing better than family and good friends.

Lance is Colton's Godfather,

Chris is Kaitlyn's Godfather.

Again aren't those boys too cute...they are looking for a good woman...any takers?


Anonymous said...

I am glad is all went according to plan...What a WONDERFUL time for all your family to get together...The family celebration is the best, especially when Mom and Dad help so
Kiss little Colton for me! Congrats!

Marci said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend!! Your pics are fav was the last pic you posted with Toby and Caden...he looked like he was ready to bolt. I'm glad you got to spend time with family and have a great time.

Amy said...

Such sweet memories!! Sorry we didn't make it...our shopping trip was extended through Sunday. Just couldn't get it all done in one! You look AWESOME,by the way!!