Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New windows, Tea party, and Cheerleading camp

There is many joys about staying home with your kids. One is getting to see your kids imagination and participate in all the fun. Kaitlyn received a tea set for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. So we have been having pretend tea parties everyday. So to make this one special, we actually served pound cake...and tea (water). Toby actually got to come home for lunch so we suprised him with another tea party......

Kaitlyn was a great hostess. She served princess cake and princess tea... It was great.
Caden dressed up for the occassion. He loved getting to eat the cake. He wasn't to prissy drinking his tea...but he did enjoy the tea.
There is nothing better than the imagination of a child. And two siblings playing together without fighting or crying...I couldn't have asked for more...
Kaitlyn at cheerleading camp. She loved it.
She can't wait to perform at the scrimmage this weekend. She got a new cheerleading outfit.. I just hope it will be in before this weekend. She has no choice but liking cheerleading.
(not that I am putting any pressure on her or anything)

Reminder of what the old windows looked like after the storm.
It was well worth the wait. They actually fit and look great.
You can't hear conversations from across the road..

We had to replace everyone of our windows.

I truly believe that this updated our house by 20 years. I actually am beginning to love my house. I actually don't mind that green now. But we are going to have to replace all the trim and paint it. I love it. Thanks to ACCENT ROOFING...We finally got our carpet...I love it.... Carpet World from Lubbock

Got our new bedroom furniture and bedding. We got our furniture at Bob Mills and love it.

Got the bedding at Sam's...can you believe it? You won't guess how much I paid for all of it. You will never guess. I took Toby shopping with me...because he thought I was going to spend too much. And finally he realized how much things like that cost. Then after we decided to give up until I was shopping by myself, we found it out Sam's.

FOR ONLY $175 for everything you see. Let's just say that saved Toby LOTS of money. The sad thing is...the old bedding was a wedding gift from my parents...and it was my dream bedding. I still kept most of it...just can't part with it....

Today, we are going to have a house inspector come to the house. Please pray at nothing too bad is wrong with the house. Toby didn't want to spend the money for him to come, but I think it is an investment that we need to make to make sure our house is all OK... I am sure ready for this house to be done.


Amy said...

Oh, Steph!! Your house looks amazing. The windows look fabulous!! Yes, kinda jealous right now, but so happy for you. And the cream looks great. I DO NOT think you messed up by choosing cream. Everything is falling into gives me hope!!:)

allie nelson said...

your new windows look sooooo good!!! we need windows bad! i'm going to have to show chris how much they updated your house....

and love the bedroom furniture...we have the same set...

and cheerleading ROCKS! so do tea parties!

Amanda KP said...

you can never go wrong with a good tea just has a way of mellowing out dad if nothing else!! :)
your house looks awesome!!!!!! you are right about the facelift...shaved lots of years off that place!!!! i LOVE your bedroom!!!!!!!
by the way, i don't know if i have told you, but you look amazing!!!! you DO NOT look like you just had your 3rd child (or 1st for that matter)!!

Helen Keller said...

i love the tea party! and the house looks really great!